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It pays to pay your tax!  Lets build the state together.


It pays to pay your tax!  Lets build the state together.

— :: Rebuilding Ogun State With TaxMoney :: —

Ogun State Projects

Sabo, Sagamu Fly-Over

Sabo, Sagamu Fly-Over

Let your Tax work for you!

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we should assist the government in fulfilling its obligation, pay your tax!

Ogun State IRS

Tax is your civic responsibility! Tax is paid where you live.

Pay your Tax

Have you paid your tax yet?

Because taxes are the main revenues of the government,
taxes support the growing and the maintaining
of our state. With this income the government can provide
us with proper infrastructure and social services for
little or no cost at all. These include Medicare,
social security and education.(These facilities are
known as recurrent expenditures because it is
needed time after time.)

Pay your Tax! Lets build Ogun State Together.

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